Do you really want to be alone

Our body and soul it’s meant to grow
A survivor is a brave warrior breaking walls
You’re only making walls
I can only hold on to when I couldn’t
Get you out of my mind, like a fever
You wouldn’t leave me alone
Now you leave me without
I’m tired without you in my sheets
Star gazing, galaxy grazing, finding my own way
Were you ever in my way?
You could get lost wandering like you do, darling
I can only see your eyes
Locked out, sat around, wondering
What you are really like in there?
I could just come knocking
But your insensitive air keeps me away
Desire can eat me away
I have to stay away
You’re only two eyes that see into me
Voicing is not a reality, you silence
Foggy vibrations, hallucinations
Dreaming guilty pleasures
I’m in, I’m out
I guess we will never get to be


Stalking, breathing, every move counts. You watch her and you love her, only to be dead. Jumping and dancing, you’ll never catch her there. Use your moves and all your tricks, she seems to be a dare. But if you just wait patiently, grateful you will be. You might find out that all you need, simply is your instinct. Luck of nature, luck of cards, don’t pretend to move. Catch that fly, as you deserve, lion of the night.


My cat is catching bugs outside.


As you sneaked up behind me,
My life didn’t know of the changes to come.
I was playing hide n’ seek with shadows, in a familiar forrest.
You appeared, with images also carrying me and you together.
But as I have been alone with only shadows before, forgive me as I turn back to the forrest.
I do not crave the forrest, for it is dark and eery. Your sounds are much more pleasant to me.
Stability I long for, my balance is imaginary. Climbing trees and sight at night have not prepared me for the well-lit world.
But with you by my side, I’m even willing to be blind.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Silence is sweet,
Don’t you know?
Silence has sound,
I can hear.
Silence is loud,
You are near.
Brand new,
Like fresh rain.
Clouds are coming,
Everything retains.
It sounds like breathing,
Senses dive.
A constant reminder,
We are alive.

Little bird.

This bird that I see, wings tight and tummy hungry, some nights it only feels like she is a little bird. Pirched above the rest, she can only dream about the clean air through her newly sprouted feathers. But not yet.

I’ve just found myself on the earth, close enough to smell it. It smells alive! The beautiful earth in my hands, softly it rolls off my palm, between my fingers, it just falls but the earth stopped.

The sun sharply turns the corner, making her tear. Surprised, the brightness was comforting. She could still roll over and the earth was still there, pausing momentarily. The draft was fresh, refreshingly flowing, her spirit soaked it, inhale!

She was unfrightful, flying before she was ready. Graceful, she is. Though her troubles were there, she is strong now.


Life entails hardship, heartbreak, losses.
Who you expect to be there, in the valleys, might be a surprise.
So treasure every friend, my friend.
They all are gold, worth every breath.
And if they leave you like a fool, your gold will be yours again.
For they are truly fools. Because you are gold, an in measurable treasure. I am soft and graceful. Full of acoustics, singing of love I believe does not exist. I don’t think you exist.

My God.

Heavy hearts and sensible feelings. No one understands the desires that we beings stir up. All I want to do is pause and grasp. Afraid to let go because I haven’t yet understood. I just don’t get the purpose of this life; there inevitability must be a greater power. And I know that The, He has my heart and he understands. Yet my salty droppings still fall. You can’t tell me that this place is only pure science. Our land is created with love, desire and desperation. And I’m left on my knees and it’s the first and last place that I long to be. He can slay me here.