I wasn’t raised the way I will raise
He threw a stone across the river
A fishing buddy and an ear to chew on
A little girl, you rarely tag along
He worked too much
She hid too much
A little girl grew up alone
She packed her bags and cooked her own
She even taught when she knew none
She watched and thought more than she could
A little girl that knows, now, how not too
Families fight, disagree and excuse
Stop having expectations and take a stand
Blood is nothing, family you make
By love and remorse and forgiven mistakes
Don’t take it back or wish it were gone
For every bit of life would be all wrong
Unfamiliar people and places would lie
Doorsteps and nightmares, was inescapable
Regret is a mystery, for we never will know
How changes can make pathways to dead end roads


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