A Eulogy.

The way you treated me

You unwrapped me like candy

You chewed me up and spit me out

And left me on the highway

And now I am the way I am

Because you truly bruised me

You walk around me, above me

Dropped danger all into me

The times I acted like a child

The times I forgot my maturity

Those were times you followed me

You don’t deserve me

You’ve been diluted

From me, from who I am

You will never be allow to take responsibility

I have been rewarded

The strength I gathered without an ounce of you

With all the pain I experienced

You never tried to cure me

You never listened to me

Now I will strive to be your opposite

To always live, to always cure

I will never make excuses for myself

Or others

So here is my thank you

Because I can’t change who you were

And now I am the way I am

Now I am troubled

But I am strong

My eyes are wider

My heart is stronger

My mind is smarter

And I will continue to be better

All because of you


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