Paint me.

A lovely day is a brush away. A bonfire burns and brought me to say “hello there life you came knocking today ” and you told me “wake up” grab the stick and paint away. Your feelings and flashbacks come up at your face. They do and they tell all my emotions at a pace. Slowly but surely you remember it all. How is churns you and burns you to be all you are. You love you and do you in all the right ways. You’re kind and forgiving each and every day. You love with your heart and fix with your hands. You don’t take for granted what you see in the sand. The water is cold but it shocks you with life. How beautiful it all is and how lovely the site. Now all you need is a partner to share, the beauties of the world and someone that cares. If there is someone that cares as much as I, he will find me and love me and I will be blind. Without him and before him, I have closed eyes. As you grab my hand, my heart and my will change my life.


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