Why do we keep going? Fumbling around with reasons and excuses. Demanding for issues to get resolved. Lately, problematic days turn into weeks. Your park benches never get warmer like they used too. The snow forever falls, sweeping into your hollow life. Blame the elements. When the pile reaches your chin. And this time you deliberately forgot. You should expect a flood to come. Don’t pretend to choke on your own regret.


Forever sun.

I dream of you and me, atop the most glorious trees.

Where nothing else seems in view, only your sweet baby blues.

Honey walk with me, along these high branches and leaves.

They hold us above our past and lost homes, where I used to run and flee.

Tree tops are our gardens now, where we harvest our new treasures.

The sun never sets up here, we will forever be free.

Diagnosing a taste.

I am delightfully surprised in the life of our link. But what is a perfect exchange? I give you one section and you give me another. Until we meet right in the middle. When time knew itself, a world wind of steps and directions to get us right where we need to be. A belief of indulgence. That you will be my prince charming. And I will never allow you to take your eyes off of me. An everlasting dream, a delusion of reality. A dire need of you, me and a fort.