Dead in tracks.

All of our demons and intentions are fatal.
Fears open depth.
The only gasping breathe is owned by the perpetrator.
I’m learning to stop expections, they will only drive me off a cliff.



A bright green door

Representing more than a highly distinguished detail
To be one in an enormous, yet bug eat bug world
Can you compromise my every blink
My feelings and sorrows seem legitimate then but now I only second guess myself
If an instance could be so much more than a short memory
Could it be closer than the next page
Then I could drag on my day to deliberate my next move
If only I could get to that little green door
It would be the last place you would look for me


The sound of your continual fall

A soft cotton ball
The feel of no control
Lost in a tumble roll
Sliding down the highest peak
The end of a swans beak
On the edge of the last sunset
Melting all the old snow
Creating a green glow
Something so peaceful
You are so cold and grey
Renewing old to day
The break of light
You never stop
You are a continual drop

Between you and me, I won’t run away this time

If it works out, I will never speak of it again
A drain of emotions and tornado of confusion
You will be the end of me, I’m chained to your heart
Forever I will be, an amount of your strength
The man that kept me above water, my eyes in sight, in the present and future
All you will ever be is where I am and where I go
The past will not repeat itself
My song will sing eternally
The star that makes us shine our brightest is the soul that runs parallel to our own
If we ever loose them, we’ve lost ourselves