Do you really want to be alone

Our body and soul it’s meant to grow
A survivor is a brave warrior breaking walls
You’re only making walls
I can only hold on to when I couldn’t
Get you out of my mind, like a fever
You wouldn’t leave me alone
Now you leave me without
I’m tired without you in my sheets
Star gazing, galaxy grazing, finding my own way
Were you ever in my way?
You could get lost wandering like you do, darling
I can only see your eyes
Locked out, sat around, wondering
What you are really like in there?
I could just come knocking
But your insensitive air keeps me away
Desire can eat me away
I have to stay away
You’re only two eyes that see into me
Voicing is not a reality, you silence
Foggy vibrations, hallucinations
Dreaming guilty pleasures
I’m in, I’m out
I guess we will never get to be

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