Do you really want to be alone

Our body and soul it’s meant to grow
A survivor is a brave warrior breaking walls
You’re only making walls
I can only hold on to when I couldn’t
Get you out of my mind, like a fever
You wouldn’t leave me alone
Now you leave me without
I’m tired without you in my sheets
Star gazing, galaxy grazing, finding my own way
Were you ever in my way?
You could get lost wandering like you do, darling
I can only see your eyes
Locked out, sat around, wondering
What you are really like in there?
I could just come knocking
But your insensitive air keeps me away
Desire can eat me away
I have to stay away
You’re only two eyes that see into me
Voicing is not a reality, you silence
Foggy vibrations, hallucinations
Dreaming guilty pleasures
I’m in, I’m out
I guess we will never get to be

One week.

It’s been a week now since I’ve started my 30 days, and I have to say I am actually quite happy with the first week. I expected more challenges but there are also some things I did difficultly take on. I haven’t gotten a gym membership yet, it’s too expensive for me at the moment, so that part will come with time. I haven’t had a soda, and only drank alcohol one day this week. I’ve been out without makeup for a whole week, and it’s been great! Besides the difficulties the first few days, I’m really happy with some reactions I’ve gotten from my friends. They have been more than kind and I can’t express to them how much those simple words mean to me. They really have lifted me up. I feel more confident than I have, ever before. And I hope this continues evolve into much more. I’ve felt really beautiful without that mask on. Emotionally and physically, there is not a mask anymore. 

I’m absolutely loving my skin care routine! I can see results. I’m also going to the dermatologist next week to see what else I can do. I think that it’s a combination of things working together. The no-sodas and only water part…probably has to a big part in it.

I’ve been making healthier choices in my diet, but still have a sweet and salty tooth, DAILY. I don’t really feel bad about it. I just remember the meals I decided to be a good girl 🙂 And the water intake is going good. A few of the days, I was just distracted for far too many hours to get the 2 liters in. But the rest of the days, I’ve done it! It feels great to finish up the water bottle. 


To say the least, I’m trekking on. Looking forward to week numero dos! 

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Day One.

I wasn’t able to prepare for my first day as I would have liked to. I spent yesterday at the doctors and getting rest. This morning I had a semi healthy breakfast, cereal and a yummy orange. My water intake has been slow, but I’m getting there. I haven’t gotten my gym membership yet, but I’m going to check out another gym today. I wished to have gotten this done yesterday but I seriously looked like a lame monster with my freaky eye infection. So I might not get to work out until tomorrow, but I’ll go check it all out today. I also will be grabbing my new water jug today while I’m in the city! I’m quite excited for this one, it’ll definitely help me track my water intake for now on.

Yesterday I was able to grab the ingredients for the cabbage soup at the store. Tonight I am going to whip that up, and I’m also going to be making a healthy dinner for myself. It’s a recipe from a friend, quinoa pizza! It’s fun and yummy and quite simple too! So my last stop before I head home today will be picking up the ingredients for dinner.

No make up toady..and I’ve started a new facial regimen, all from Aubrey’s! What a big surprise. I also picked up this cool little sponge at the pharmacy yesterday while I was getting my eye drops. It’s pretty awesome so far, hopefully I have discovered my new weapon!

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Travel and ponder.


As I have been in Gōteborg the past few days, I’ve had some time to think about a few things before August 6th rolls around. Tuesday I will be at the grocery store, shopping for some fresh ingredients to prepare for my first 7 days..I have found a website on cabbage soup, but I will not be using it as the recommended diet. This will only supplement my meals while I’m at work, to replace the fatty and disgusting food I get while I’m there.

I also have found some really great posts on Pinterest. You can check what I have pinned on my new board ”Healthy Strike”. I will probably give a few of them a try, and Ill post what I make, so you could give them a try too! Please share your recipes with me as you discover them or maybe even come up with your own.

Until next time..