Getting better..

So I’ve had this crazy idea. Get my shit together! I’ve let myself go bit by bit in many small and undefined ways. I’m challenging myself for 30-days, in ways that I will make myself extremely uncomfortable. I will probably fight myself and try to make excuses to cut corners. So I think 30-days is a good starting point.

A new chapter is opening up for me…new job, new friendships, an overdue (free) education. I’ve just had such a lazy last 2 years.

Along with many things I hope to achieve with my new goal, I just want to finish this. Many times, I have dieted, and cheated. Or signed up for the gym, and stopped going after a few months. Because I excused myself with hunger, sadness, grief, work, pain, yeah… I tell myself a lot of shit to get what I think I want. No more!! When day one starts, I’m taking all my dry foods that are unhealthy, down to the basement, to their fate. Darkness! I’ll keep the sunshine up here in my green, positive apartment!

You can do whatever you like, as long as you feel it’s what you need. But make a guideline and follow to it. I will be posting selfies, supplies, recipes, photos of what I eat/drink, feelings, struggles, and all of these that come from my friends as well. I will be weighing myself, just to see where the 30-days gets me.

The initial rules are as followed..

1) No make-up.. I have a CC creme with 30 SPF already, and I will only use this on days I will be exposed to the sun for longer than an hour

2) No sodas or excessive juice

3) New membership to a gym

4) Making healthier food choices

5) No alcohol

Keep posted for recipes on my plans for food during the 30 days 🙂 I plan to start on August 6th. This gives me some time to prepare food, sign up for the gym membership and get all the supplies that I need!

Carry on!




Breakfast for one.

Today my dear, breakfast is for one. As delightful as your presence would be, silence is more my cup of tea. All the commotion that has been here lately, has brought me to enjoy myself more lonely. Sharing is one of the past, you see, the present has a more brightful grass. We laid there so peaceful, yet the horses still came. They rocked up the water, and here we are today. Lonely and down, unto the open sea. The boat is now my venture, and you’re a long gone breeze.


Stalking, breathing, every move counts. You watch her and you love her, only to be dead. Jumping and dancing, you’ll never catch her there. Use your moves and all your tricks, she seems to be a dare. But if you just wait patiently, grateful you will be. You might find out that all you need, simply is your instinct. Luck of nature, luck of cards, don’t pretend to move. Catch that fly, as you deserve, lion of the night.


My cat is catching bugs outside.