Darkness is cautious.

Their world is colorless
If there is no color why is it so blinding
I want to be in your mixture
There is so much energy, you suck me in
You are so close, I am already there
Everything behind me is bright, am I running for the end or running from the pain of an unknowing breath
Short corners and I’m on a thin line
But you bring me back
We will dance and throw it up
Get inspired and fall for you
I’m naked and dripping paint, let’s be colorful


Follow Me.

I know if I ran that you would follow
You are as tall as a building
Sky high, your as gold as a crown
To me
You believe in your dreams
You believe in me, you are my cup
Of tea
My sweet sugar cube
My day, you run through me
Constantly, pouring and you don’t even
Know, know your self, your thoughts
Close your eyes, read this again
My chill bumps are an old brick road
You got me driving in the right direction
My real estate, you have me sold
I’m so in love, I’m lost in Rome

Colors of Outlook.

There always was a place,
That I wanted to be.
But I had to love myself,
Before someone could love me.
I had to have patience,
To walk in the rain.
So I could see the sunshine,
In it’s glorious, gold rays.
The beauty of the grass,
With all of the dew.
I can feel the wetness on my ankles,
Walking through that field.
Nobody knows it better than I do now.
Now I can cherish and ponder and relax,
Remotely being my own world.