As you sneaked up behind me,
My life didn’t know of the changes to come.
I was playing hide n’ seek with shadows, in a familiar forrest.
You appeared, with images also carrying me and you together.
But as I have been alone with only shadows before, forgive me as I turn back to the forrest.
I do not crave the forrest, for it is dark and eery. Your sounds are much more pleasant to me.
Stability I long for, my balance is imaginary. Climbing trees and sight at night have not prepared me for the well-lit world.
But with you by my side, I’m even willing to be blind.


Indian in me.

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My eyes are seen open yet actually closed.
Closed to your sight, your judgement and your opinion.
My eyes are closed because I want to dance.
Dancing releases my soul, your existence and my troubles!
I am a bird, she said. Gone with the wind.
Away from where you stand.
I am off!
Seasons changed, I am on top of a mountain.
Beyond where I stand in time.
Back I went, to a time from before.
Painted my face is, feathers crop my forehead.
I’m dancing again, but with eyes around me, also closed.
They also dance above the dirt, but their eyes never open.
The planet is underneath and we dance in revolutions.
Wind frightful – our friend, giving us direction.
I was born in the wrong dimension.
I desire to be as colorful as they were, as free.
As free as an eagle!