What to be?

To be loved, or not to be loved. How do you pick if you fight with contentment? Do you know what you really long? Do not let him touch the handle if you can not even grasp the answer yet. Why can’t you just take a chance..maybe you will be happy, happier than before, greater than anyone has achieved. But you are afraid. Your failing vessels and chipping layers are too weak to try again. Are you ready to reach in and force a support? Be your own support. Half of you believes that you do not need love to be fulfilled but then why does the thought still lurk you with intentions. Who is it? Can it be a King or an outcast King? You always think you have to understand everything. Stop and stop. Stop this time. It is crawling you to know everything and know what is going to happen next. At any given time, something can change. Would he hurt you like they did? Is he worth your heart. The one that beats and keeps you alive. If it broke again, could your support still stand? The pressure could cause chaos on the rest of you. You have to figure out if it is worth it. But how?


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