Where will it take us?

Breathe in,  breathe out.
Taking a second to think about my anatomy, my chemistry, my neurological motor, my layers and my breath. Things look better with my eyes closed. I can create my own world, awake or dreaming. Then I am much smarter, much more forgiving and patient. They are caring and collected. He is mellow and intricate and he has now a softer touch. Those voices are softer, yet my music gets louder. It seems to over-take what I never want to here. More often than before. I can dance with my eyes closed because he guides and I follow his breath. It’s a scent I have grown to follow because he is a leader. Our palms feel glued and I’m ok with it. We don’t ever have to stop dancing dearest! The world is now my dream and it is everlasting.


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