Your words. My rap.

Imagery, instants, his words make dreams in my head.
They scream at me, creativity, I can’t stop the flow of things.
It floods and draws and breathes bravery.
Who cares what they say, what they think and what they speak.
I make my own life and decisions that may be weak.
But we grow and we learn from things that may break us.
Our blood keeps flowin’ and our heart keeps pumpin’.
The earth is turnin’ and people keep walkin’.
So why worry? Listen to what he says.
Let the words drive, drive deep into you.
He’s right, you read the bible and then forget the verses.
I’m sure we’re not the only ones who pray and feel like no ones listening.
But we still don’t stop, loneliness will not faulter me.
I will keep steering my life and my book.
I will believe when there is no one looking.
I will keep trekking when the rocks are crumbling.
That’s what God gave us feet and hands for.
So when the tough is painful we can reach for the next step and place our foot on the next chapter.
So believe, my friend, that even know your different, someone is out there to love you.
And love you, they will lovingly do.


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