Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Silence is sweet,
Don’t you know?
Silence has sound,
I can hear.
Silence is loud,
You are near.
Brand new,
Like fresh rain.
Clouds are coming,
Everything retains.
It sounds like breathing,
Senses dive.
A constant reminder,
We are alive.


Little bird.

This bird that I see, wings tight and tummy hungry, some nights it only feels like she is a little bird. Pirched above the rest, she can only dream about the clean air through her newly sprouted feathers. But not yet.

I’ve just found myself on the earth, close enough to smell it. It smells alive! The beautiful earth in my hands, softly it rolls off my palm, between my fingers, it just falls but the earth stopped.

The sun sharply turns the corner, making her tear. Surprised, the brightness was comforting. She could still roll over and the earth was still there, pausing momentarily. The draft was fresh, refreshingly flowing, her spirit soaked it, inhale!

She was unfrightful, flying before she was ready. Graceful, she is. Though her troubles were there, she is strong now.

Wowsers Wheatgrass – a GIY (grow it yourself!) post

Wow I can’t wait to try this!

Okay, so I have been SO excited about this post for over a week now (10 days to be exact)!  Nearly freaking out! I just couldn’t wait to get started on writing about how to Grow Your OWN Wheatgrass!  It’s simple, fun, inexpensive and self-fullfilling!  Need I say more?  If you’ve got kids (I’m happy to hire one of mine out for the day :)), they will love watching this magical grass grow right before their BIG eyes!  And to be perfectly honest, I was excited to see the photos that my husband took of each cool stage of growth.  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed posting it!

To start, make sure you get some good wheatgrass seeds – look online, they’re everywhere! Take 250g of the seeds and soak them overnight or a good 8-12 hours.

ImageOnce soaked, rinse and then allow the…

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Lift off!


Life. Live it, love it and run! Sometimes dreams are scary. Boy am I soaking in that now. But they are our dreams for a reason and I sure am tired of always searching for ”why”. So take each board as momentum and if you start to slow down, then brace yourself. Someone gave me wings and doubt isn’t holding this bird down.


Life entails hardship, heartbreak, losses.
Who you expect to be there, in the valleys, might be a surprise.
So treasure every friend, my friend.
They all are gold, worth every breath.
And if they leave you like a fool, your gold will be yours again.
For they are truly fools. Because you are gold, an in measurable treasure. I am soft and graceful. Full of acoustics, singing of love I believe does not exist. I don’t think you exist.