Times two pizza



I’ve made this veggie pizza multiple times before and I continue to love it and will make it again and again. It’s easy. It’s healthy. It’s vegetarian and CAN be vegan. I hope if you decide to try this that you will enjoy it as much as I do. And I say no more, recipe time!

Pizza dough recipe: http://www.carlsbadcravings.com/perfect-homemade-pizza-crust/

6 small potatoes (sliced)
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
2 handfuls of sliced mushrooms
5 to 6 halved cherry tomatoes
2 to 3 tablespoons organic pizza sauce (freeze the rest)

Don’t forget to freeze half of the pizza dough!
I put the pizza dough in the oven for about 5 minutes (olive oiled) and then place all the toppings on, back in the over for a couple more minutes, watch it!

You will be pleasantly surprised. You don’t have to use my choice of toppings, create your own beautifully coloured veggie pizza and please share your combo with me!!



A person can live through a snake bite but the next time you’re bit, it’s much more difficult to recover. Though I continue to listen to my heart each recover is exhausting, depressing and dangerous. It’s not as simple as you want it to be. Tools in hand, safety in mind and backup ready. With everything done in caution, these repetitive bites are draining me. They make the end more cloudy and are making me dizzy. If you continue to remind yourself that what you’re doing is rewarding and will pay off in the end, it might make it easier, right? 


I wasn’t raised the way I will raise
He threw a stone across the river
A fishing buddy and an ear to chew on
A little girl, you rarely tag along
He worked too much
She hid too much
A little girl grew up alone
She packed her bags and cooked her own
She even taught when she knew none
She watched and thought more than she could
A little girl that knows, now, how not too
Families fight, disagree and excuse
Stop having expectations and take a stand
Blood is nothing, family you make
By love and remorse and forgiven mistakes
Don’t take it back or wish it were gone
For every bit of life would be all wrong
Unfamiliar people and places would lie
Doorsteps and nightmares, was inescapable
Regret is a mystery, for we never will know
How changes can make pathways to dead end roads


Is my heart a seed?
Fully, partially and continually
Out the bus window on my way back home
I saw you parked under that broken bridge
Observing a back road like you were asking to get lost
Its like you knew I would see that
Or was is that love seed?
It was like I never left
Like those road trips were used to take me
Where the wind would put me to dreams
And my legs fell asleep
From being out the window
And my heart on my sleeve
If you wouldn’t have took it and
Took if for grated
You didn’t forget to break my heart
And ask for forgiveness
I couldn’t bare
And thats why Im sitting from a window
Watching you
Lost without me

A Eulogy.

The way you treated me

You unwrapped me like candy

You chewed me up and spit me out

And left me on the highway

And now I am the way I am

Because you truly bruised me

You walk around me, above me

Dropped danger all into me

The times I acted like a child

The times I forgot my maturity

Those were times you followed me

You don’t deserve me

You’ve been diluted

From me, from who I am

You will never be allow to take responsibility

I have been rewarded

The strength I gathered without an ounce of you

With all the pain I experienced

You never tried to cure me

You never listened to me

Now I will strive to be your opposite

To always live, to always cure

I will never make excuses for myself

Or others

So here is my thank you

Because I can’t change who you were

And now I am the way I am

Now I am troubled

But I am strong

My eyes are wider

My heart is stronger

My mind is smarter

And I will continue to be better

All because of you

How unfortunate yet fortunate.

Every piece you play
Zips me closer to shut
Each door at your nose
I only want to break you in half
With no intentions to teach you
Lessons are better left learnt on your
Own, disown
I don’t fucking care
I learnt too much as a child
You forget more as an adult
I only got stuck with you
So I could be better at that
Parent thing.


Seeing cracks in the ceiling;
The little rivets in many directions.
Veins, my veins or that tree’s?
The one across the street.
I saw it’s veins, the ones in its leaves;
Scattered all down the concrete.
The lines in your eye.
I see my reflection;
But I only feel affliction.
If pain never flows;
Where will it go?
I should send it on its way;
Disappear it fades.
Memories remain;
It’s time to separate.
The bud will grow, the music it sings in my ears and all of the colors change at such an alarming rate that I almost pass out. Soon there is a beautiful oak so close to my window. Blood of an oak can cure any confusion from life. Just hold it’s leaf in your palm.